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National Secondary Students' Diet and Activity (NaSSDA) survey


Belinda Morley, Maree Scully, Philippa Niven, Melanie Wakefield

Years funded:

2008 - present

The NaSSDA survey fills a significant gap in existing data in Australia by providing a co-ordinated national approach to the monitoring of secondary students' diet and physical activity, and assessment of their exposure to food marketing.   NaSSDA has provided the first truly national sample for a physical activity survey of young Australians since 1985.  The results of the survey inform our national programs to promote improved nutrition and physical activity for young people. 

Around 6,000 students from over 100 schools across Australia will participate in the third survey round in 2018.

2009/10 NaSSDA research memos:

2012/13 NaSSDA research memos:



The 2009/10 NaSSDA survey was jointly funded by Cancer Council Australia and the National Heart Foundation of Australia.  In 20012/13, additional funding was received from State and Territory Government Health Departments.  This third round of the survey with data collection to be undertaken in 2018 is primarily funded by Cancer Council Australia with additional financial support provided by the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute.

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