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Cancer patients to benefit from e-health record

Cancer Council Australia has long advocated for an electronic health system in Australia, to provide healthcare professionals with more efficient, coordinated patient information and to enable healthcare consumers to take personal control of their medical records.

Cancer patients can now enjoy the benefits of electronic health by registering for a personally controlled electronic health record (PCEHR) - an eHealth record.

Until now, health records have been either paper-based or stored in different locations, with little connection to each other or to healthcare professionals and not readily accessible to consumers. Your eHealth record will allow you, and others chosen by you, to access a secure summary of your important health information within the click of a mouse.

You control what goes on your record, and who is allowed to see it. It could include potentially lifesaving information such as previous adverse drug reactions, details of a recent stay in hospital, tests results or details of the medications you are taking. It will grow over time to contain a summary of your main health events.

Cancer is a complex disease requiring multidisciplinary care. With the introduction of the eHealth record system, healthcare professionals will have faster, easier access to more health information from other healthcare professionals, creating a more efficient system, making continuity of care easier and improving treatment decisions.


  • Best treatment - as the system grows, healthcare organisations such as a GP practice, cancer centre or hospital will be able to quickly view a summary of your information, helping them to make the best decisions about your care.
  • More convenient - you won't have to remember every medication, test or health-related incident.
  • Less stressful - allows rapid access to information in an emergency.
  • Better health - you will be able to better manage your health.
  • Sharing the load - if you wish, you can share your health information with family members, carers, or other trusted people.

For more information, visit the eHealth website,

eHealth record

This page was last updated on: Wednesday, May 22, 2019

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