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Cancer Council publishes new SunSmart position statements

Australians can now access the most up-to-date recommendations on sun safety for infants and window tinting with the publishing of two new Cancer Council position statements.

Babies aged 0 - 12 months have sensitive skin that burns easily. Taking into account the scientific and medical evidence available, Cancer Council's new position statement on sun safety for infants provides an overview of measures that should be taken to protect baby's skin, while balancing vitamin D requirements.

Cancer Council has also published a position statement on tinting for car and glass windows. While acknowledging that window tinting can block out harmful UV light, the statement outlines that in general, UV radiation through the windows of buildings and cars poses little health risk to people unless they are spending extended periods of time close to windows that receive direct sun. The statement recommends that people who spend long periods of time in a vehicle when the UV index levels are at 3 or above use a combination of sun protection measures, such as long sleeved clothing, sunglasses and sunscreen that is SPF 30 or higher. This will ensure occupants are protected both in the vehicle and when they leave it. The statement outlines that the need for window tinting on car and building glass should be considered with regard to the risks to the occupants.

Cancer Council's SunSmart position statements can be found here

This page was last updated on: Wednesday, May 22, 2019

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